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Why You Need ERP

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is used by organisations looking to manage their business functions within a centralised and integrated system. ERP is commonly used by companies working within the supply chain to help keep track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and distribution. However, ERP can be utilised by a number of different industries including those in healthcare, nonprofit groups, construction and hospitality. Organisation needing to manage their staff, customers and inventory can all rely on ERP benefits.

ERP stores all entered data into a single database, allowing all departments to work with the same information. Additionally, all this data can be organised, analysed and made into reports. ERP brings together customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory and supply chain capabilities into one system.

ERP system allows an organisation to leverage a suite of integrated applications, streamline and automate processes, creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation. ERP provides complete visibility into core business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning platforms, optimise systems through superior resource tracking and reporting, database management and data sharing and overall improved information systems. ERP system can allow your business to expand without the addition of IT or staffing costs.

We Provide The Solution

All-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System


Management of All Stakeholders

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Departments
  • Designations
  • Org Charts
  • Contact
  • Life Stages
  • Company
  • Groupings


Handling All Kinds of Taxes in Business

Tax Zone, Agency, Category, Rates… Even different products can have different sets of taxes! We manage for all kinds of Taxes for your sales and products


Management of Various Product Types

Manage own categories and types of products of your business with ease


Stocks, Expiration, Shipments, Reports

  • Bulk import of inventory and stock movement records
  • Encounter for partial shipment cases
  • Auto check for Low Stock / Expiring products and send you notifications about it


Monitor Various Departments' KPI

Get to know more about your business's and each department's performance with Balanced Scorecard (KPI)


Bulk Creation, Returns, Documents

  • Bulk upload transactions
  • Automate Sales process
  • Handling and auto generate of all documents such as quotations and invoices


Various Real-time Reportings

  • Accounting
    P&L, Trial Balance, Ledger Report, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Purchase & Sales Return, Inventory, Vendor, Cash Flow and many more
  • Human Resource
    Claims, Leaves, Attendance, Employees and many more
  • CRM
    Campaigns, Forecast, Feedback and many more


Automate Business Processes & Flow

Replace manual workflows by defining triggers and actions for your business scenarios and flows to automate business processes


Ordering, Returns, Documents

Manage your business's procurement processes and purchase return flow in one single dashboard


Bills, Checks, Journals, Documents

Track and keep record of your bills in the system and let the system helps you manage your journals and accounting documents


Groupings, Maintenance, Allotments

Group your assets, maintain them easily with our system's maintenance reminder, keep track and record your maintenance records in the system. Besides, no more worries of losing your assets as you can manage your employees' requests to use the asset or you manage the allotments yourself


Manage Leaves & Employees

Define leave policies for your business and allow employees to request for different types of leave in their own dashboard. Moreover, unpaid leaves can be automatically reflected in employees' payroll with our system!


Automate Monthly Payrun Process

Setup your business's pay day and done! 

Claims, benefits, over-time pays, unpaid leaves... will be automatically reflected in employee's payroll with no extra actions needed!

Furthermore, export payroll records and it is all ready to send to bank for bulk payroll


Manage Company Benefits & Employees

Setup benefits for your employees and allow them to claim for their benefits from their own dashboard.

Manage the claim requests from your employees and the claim will be automatically reflected in the employee's monthly payroll


Manage Claims & Employees

Allow your employees to submit reimbursement requests from their own dashboard and you can manage the requests easily in the system


Digitise Entire Recruiting Process & Flow

Setup your job opening and a brand new recruitment webpage will be created automatically to receive applications for you, besides, SEO tool is ready for you to publicise your webpage in search engines

Moreover, setup recruitment stages and manage the process and all participants in one single dashboard


Shifts, Clock-in Clock-out, Groupings

Setup shifts and assign your employees to different shifts, track their attendance easily with clock-in clock-out function


Manage, Assign, Credits, Achievements

Create trainings and assign them to your employees, allow your employees to earn credit hours or achievements by attending trainings


Notice & Notifications to All or Groups

Make an announcement for entire organisation or just make it available for specific group of employees, notifications will be triggered and send to related parties when announcement is made


Provide Self-service for All Stakeholders

  • Role-based dashboard view
  • Employees perform self-service functions such as submit claims, requests, clock-in clock-out etc in their own dashboard
  • Manage business processes, flows, reports viewing etc in one single dashboard


Automate Support, Ticketing, Agents

Provide support service to your customers with our ERP system, allowing your customers to submit tickets to you when they face issues

Freely assign agents to attend the tickets submitted by your customers


Task Management & Reminders

Create tasks and assign to employees for them to attend to your customers' needs


Multi-channel Marketing, Automation

Automate your marketing campaigns in multichannel such as Email, WhatsApp, SMS and so on


Custom, Reminders, Multi-channel

  • Reminders to different occasions such as birthdays, holidays and so on
  • Customisable notification templates
  • Multi-channel notifications such as Email, WhatsApp, SMS and so on


Customisable Company-fit Interface

Customisable website frontend to fit your company's culture and professionalism

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