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Why You Need POS

Grow your business with us.

A Point of Sale System – or as we will call from now on – POS System is an automatized sales software in which the cashiers input the products, tally the costs and conduct the financial transaction. BUT, we provide you more than that!

Our POS system does not only process sales transactions, it can also:

  • Provide real-time data and reports
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Help you manage your inventory, employees, customers
  • and more!

Advantages of

  • Sales History

    With a POS system, you can easily look up past transactions and discover which product is stuck on the shelf for weeks as well as which products are selling the most. Which will make inventory management that easier.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory management can be time-consuming, expensive and for some, a digital form of nightmare. A lot of products may have multiple sizes, colors, flavors, volumes, among other variations. Thanks to an accurate sales and purchase orders control, you will know how much you have in stock of each product. You may also categorize the products by name, brand, supplier, supplier code, SKU, color and a multitude of other categorizations. If that is not enough for you, you can perform inventory counts or coordinate online store collections to organize the product catalog and adjust your inventory.

  • Sales in Real-Time

    Even when you are not in the store, you can access your back-office server remotely and know everything it is going on. We are talking about reports in real-time of Overall sales, profit after markup, sales attributed to each employee, and many more specifications. POS system will allow you to customise those reports so you can see exactly what you need, from wherever you are, even when you are in the comfort of your home.

  • Saving Time and Money

    POS system are way faster than manual cash registers. Everything from reading the product barcode to credit card transaction over the Internet will save you time, thus making the customer – and yourself, of course – happier.

  • Sales Tax and accounting made easy

    POS system will help you – some will do almost the entire work – on how to calculate your due sales tax based on the exact amount sold on your store.

  • Management and ERP Systems Connectivity

    You can connect the POS terminals to other terminals and to a back-office server. That way you can plug in your ERP system and manage everything: sales, inventory, orders, accounts payable and receivable, etc.

  • Better Employee Management

    POS system will help you with that through its employee management feature including manage employee information, track the number of hours each employee works, track how much sales each employee generates and many more!

  • Increased Customer Loyalty with CRM

    Integrate and activate CRM functions with POS system to keep track and record of all your customers data and generate useful reports for understanding your customers and perform forecasting. Customer's transactions and purchase history is vital for a business to identify their patterns and serve customers efficiently.

  • Start Multi-channels with E-commerce Integration

    POS system helps to sync your offline store with online store including stock, customers, orders and products syncing, assisting your business to setup multichannel and earn more sales.


A point of sale (POS) system is one of the most crucial pieces in your operation puzzle. The importance of POS system in retail goes beyond managing transactions at your checkout counter.

We Provide The Solution

Robust Functions of Point-of-Sales (POS) System


Multiple Branch Stock Management

  • Stock Update
  • Restock


Real-time CRM Integration

  • Real-time data retrieving and updating between POS and CRM system to keep data up-to-date and serve customers more efficiently
  • Keep track of customers transactions and purchase history to identify their patterns


Multiple Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Card
  • E-wallet
  • Member Points
  • Affiliate Credits


Custom Role-based Pricing

Offer special pricing to different groups of customers with ease


Simplified Sales & Return Process

Complete functions and flow to support your business's purchasing, refund and exchange processes


Real-time Reports Generation

Various real-time reports are available for extraction such as Sales Report, Orders Report, Customers Report, Transactions, Stock Tracking etc.


Integrate with Online Store

  • Automatically sync your offline stocks with your online store
  • Receive online orders in your POS easily without leaving the system
  • Get reports on your offline and online store
  • Automated syncing of your offline and online customers


Manage Employees' Attendance

Track and record employees' attendance and working hours with ease


Promotion Programs & Offers

  • Launch promotional items and offers
  • Set promotion period
  • Custom Role-based promotion


Referral Program & Commission Earning

Allow your affiliates to earn commission and loyalty by referring customers


E-Credits & Points Rewarding

  • Launch programs and auto debit e-credits and loyalty points to your customers account
  • Allow customers to pay with e-credits and loyalty points


Various Pre-built API Connectors

Comes with multiple pre-built API connectors to integrate various data with CRM and Online Store

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