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Meet Centrec WebtoApp Converter

Transforming Web Into App with Ease

Introducing our revolutionary Web to App Converter Package – a powerful solution that bridges the gap between web and app development, empowering you to seamlessly transform your websites into captivating Android and iOS applications. Embrace a new era of mobile connectivity with an array of cutting-edge features, including Unlimited Push Notifications, Fast Conversion, and Robust JavaScript Bridges. Unlock the true potential of your digital presence as we guide you through the process with 24/7 support, complete documentation, and a lightning-fast turnaround time of 24 – 48 hours for app submission. Say goodbye to traditional boundaries and embrace the future of app development with our Web to App Converter Package, where the possibilities are boundless.

Highlights of

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Our converter offers a budget-friendly alternative to expensive custom app development, enabling you to transform any website, whether it's an e-commerce store or a marketplace, into a mobile app without breaking the bank.

  • Time-Efficient Conversion

    With our converter, you can save valuable time by avoiding lengthy app development processes. Within a short span, your website can be converted into a fully functional mobile app, allowing you to reach your audience faster.

  • Seamless User Experience

    The converted mobile app retains the user-friendly interface and navigation of your website, ensuring a seamless and familiar experience for your customers as they transition to the app.

  • Multi-Platform Support

    Our converter generates both Android and iOS apps, granting you access to a broader user base and catering to users across different mobile platforms. Enhanced Reach and Engagement: By having a dedicated mobile app, you can tap into the growing mobile user base, increasing your reach and engagement with customers who prefer using apps over web browsers.

  • Effortless App Linking and Sharing

    The converted app allows users to easily share and link to specific app pages, facilitating word-of-mouth marketing and boosting app downloads.

  • Comprehensive Documentation

    We offer comprehensive documentation to assist client developers in seamlessly integrating with our Web to App framework, empowering them to customize push notification functionality and other integrations on their backend according to their specific preferences and requirements.

  • Quick App Submission

    The app submission process is expedited, allowing you to get your app approved and available for download on app stores in a timely manner

  • 24/7 Support

    Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any queries or issues that may arise during the app conversion process and beyond

  • Endless Possibilities

    Our converter unlocks the potential for limitless expansion and growth, enabling you to adapt and evolve your app according to your business needs and audience preferences

Unleash Mobile Innovation: Web to App Converter

Unlock the boundless potential of mobile connectivity with our Web to App Converter Package – a seamless and cost-effective solution that effortlessly transforms websites into captivating mobile applications. Empowering businesses to expand their reach and enhance customer engagement, our converter offers unparalleled flexibility and customization options. With comprehensive documentation and dedicated 24/7 support, our commitment to a successful and rewarding app transformation experience sets us apart. Embrace the future of mobile innovation and elevate your digital presence with our cutting-edge solution today.

Powerful Features at Your Fingertips

Empowering Your App Transformation

Android & iOS App

Convert your app into both Android and iOS applications

  • Ensure compatibility with Android and iOS platforms.
  • Expand your app's reach to a broader audience.
  • Access a larger user base on different devices.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Engage users with personalized and timely push notifications

  • Send unlimited push notifications to keep users informed.
  • Enhance user engagement and interaction.
  • Stay connected with your audience effortlessly.

Nice Offline Notice

Display a user-friendly notice when users go offline

  • Provide a smooth experience when users lose internet connectivity.
  • Prevent app crashes and maintain user satisfaction.
  • Inform users about the temporary offline status.

Build & Preview

Easily build and preview your app during the conversion process

  • Test and evaluate your app before final deployment.
  • Make necessary adjustments and customizations with ease.
  • Ensure the app meets your requirements and expectations.

Fast Conversion

Quickly transform your web app into a mobile application

  • Save time and effort with an efficient conversion process.
  • Expedite your app's entry into the mobile market.
  • Capitalize on mobile opportunities promptly.

App Linking & Sharing

Enable easy sharing and linking to specific app pages

  • Facilitate word-of-mouth marketing through seamless app sharing.
  • Allow users to direct others to specific content within the app.
  • Increase app visibility and user acquisition.

Support Various Websites

Convert a wide range of website types into mobile apps

  • Accommodate different website categories, including e-commerce, marketplaces, and more.
  • Offer versatility for businesses with diverse website structures.
  • Enable app transformation for various industry sectors.

Splash Screen

Make impact to your audience in first sight

  • Create an engaging splash screen to captivate users on app launch.
  • Customize a captivating splash screen that represents your brand.

Robust JavaScript Bridges

Ultimate useful tool for all system

  • Efficiently connect and interact with web and app components.
  • Facilitate smooth communication between web and app functionalities.

Utilize Native Libraries

Optimize app performance with native library integration

  • Access platform-specific features for enhanced functionality.
  • Leverage built-in device capabilities for a seamless user experience.

Multiple API

Support for multiple APIs to enhance app functionalities

  • Expand app capabilities through various API integrations.
  • Integrate third-party services to enrich user experience.

Complete Documentation

Access comprehensive documentation for a smooth integration process

  • Follow step-by-step instructions and guidance for app customization.
  • Gain insights into best practices for app development and management.

Notification Dashboard

Analyze user engagement and response to notifications

  • Effortlessly manage and track push notifications through a centralized dashboard.
  • Monitor and control push notifications effectively.

App Submission Guidance

Receive expert guidance throughout the app submission process

  • Ensure a successful app submission with our support.
  • Navigate through app store guidelines and submission requirements.

Swift Deployment

Within 24 to 48 hours for immediate market presence

  • Enter the market quickly with rapid app deployment.
  • Expedite the app launch process and reach your audience faster.

24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated support team

  • Enjoy continuous support and troubleshooting assistance throughout your app journey.
  • Access prompt and reliable support for any app-related queries.

Enhanced Security Measures

Implement robust security protocols to protect user data

  • Ensure the safety and privacy of your users' information.
  • Employ encryption and authentication mechanisms for data protection.

Seamless User Authentication

Enable secure and smooth user login and registration

  • Offer hassle-free authentication options for a seamless user experience.
  • Implement OAuth, social login, and two-factor authentication for user convenience.

Customizable App Themes

Tailor your app's appearance with customizable themes

  • Create a unique and branded look for your mobile application.
  • Choose from a variety of color schemes, layouts, and font options.

Efficient Data Synchronization

Synchronize app data seamlessly across devices

  • Ensure users' data stays up-to-date and consistent.
  • Implement offline data syncing for uninterrupted user experience.

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